There are many marked trails for hiking in Himos area. The trails are excellent for 2-3 hour long daytrips and they are easily combined to suit your own needs and for every fitness level. Visit the Himos Center reception to ask for maps for independent hiking in the Himos area. Read more »

Hiking in Himos


There are nice bicycle routes in Himos where you can just go and wander about. 

The bikes are rented with locks so you can ride the cycle paths all the way down town Jämsä or even Jämsänkoski to visit these quaint towns.

Bicycles (Helmet included)
10 € / 3 hours
20 € / day
40 € / 3 days
70 € / week

Fatbikes (Helmet included)
35 € / 2 hours
50 € / 3 hours
10 € / the next hours

Demanding mountain biking trail
Biking map Himos/Cape Jämsänniemi

Bicycling in Himos


Have a paddle with a licensed wilderness guide Ilkka Talvi – Mr. Winter. Learning the skills is made easy, as the canoes can be brought to any desired water way. Explore the river Jämsä, the majestic Lake Päijänne or tame the flow of traditional rapid route Wanha Witonen. In the canoe selection are solo- and doublekayaks, indian canoes and one 10 people Pocahontas-canoe.
Service languages Finnish and English. Visit the web-page: Wilderness guide service TALVI

You can also rent rowing boats and indian canoes for individual exploring from the reception.

Rowing boat, canoe (incl. 4 life jackets)   
20 € / 3 hours
30 € / day
70 € / 3 days
110 € / week

Canoes in Himos


Driving by a winding road to Moose Manor (approx. 8 km), where you get to see the gentle giants of the forest and hear stories about their habits and living conditions. The bravest can even feed the mooses by hand. 
Safari includes: User instructions how to drive a road licenced ATV's and a coffee break with pie in the historic hall of the manor included

Duration approx 2,5 hours
Price 115 € / person, 90 € / person (when 2 people per vehicle)

Nordic walking poles    5 € / day

Nordic walking in Himos


The idea of dipping yourself into 0 degree water might not sound appealing at first, but let us show you how fun it can be! The sensation of relaxation is amazing after the moment in the water.  You'll be wearing your own clothes under the thermal suit so you will not get cold even though you are floating in and ice hole between the ice blocks around you. This activity is guided and totally safe with the rescue suits that cover your whole body and keeps you warm. Who knows, maybe after this step you're ready to do it in the Finnish way without the suit?

Only in the winter time, max. 15 people at a time.
Participating in the activity under the influence of alchol or other substances is strictly prohibited. The guide may deny or stop one's participation for safety reasons if necessary.

Duration 1 - 1,5 h.
Price 6 - 20 ppl group 25 € / person, 21 - 50 ppl group 22 € / person.



Alpine curling is most likely one of the oldest icesports and most definately one of the funniest sports. One player at a time slides the pin on the ice trying to land it close as possible to the center rock. The distance between the pin and the rock is measured, the pins left on the goal area count for points.

We have two sets of equipment and two tracks on the lake close to Himos Hotel. The set includes 6 pins and one goal rock. Max 30 people per track at a time

Only in the winter time, weather permitting.

Duration 1 - 1,5 h.
Starting fee
60 € + 6 - 20 ppl group 7 € / person, 21 - 50 ppl group 5 € / person.

Alpine curling


Long distance skating on the ice of the lake is suitable for almost all regardless of your age or shape. The lenght of the IceWay track on natural ice is about 3 km and the starting point is on the shore of Lake Patalahti, only 150 m North from Himos Center Reception. For safety reasons the way to the ice must always be done via Himos Center, where you will receive the necessary route tickets and equipment.


Ice-skating Package 22 €/3h, 25 €/day (incl. skates, shoes, helmet, poles, route ticket)
Family Package (2 adl. + 2 children) 45 €/3h, 65 €/day (skates, shoes, helmet, sledges, route ticket)
Kick sledge + route ticket 15 €/3h, 20 €/day

Children under 12 y.o. -50%, Children under 4 y.o. free of charge. Adult sizes: 36-47


Learn the best tricks and turns of long distance skating in the leadership of a professional guide. The guide will meet your group ant Himos Center Reception, where the suitable equipment will be fitted on. From the Center we move on to the ice where the real enjoyment can begin! 
Includes: Skating equipment, route ticket and guidance.
Performance level:
Fairly easy

2 - 6 people group : 34 €/person.
7 - 15 people group :  30 €/ person.
16 - people or more  26 €/ person
Children under 12 y.o. -50%, under 4v. free or charge

Ice skating Himos
Ice skating Himos


A guided excursion to the surroundings of Himos with snowshoes. Includes the technique instructions and stretching in the end.
Duration 1 - 1,5 h.
Starting fee 60 € + 6 - 20 ppl group 7 € / person, 21 - 50 ppl group 5 € / person.


What: Snow shoe walking is possible and allowed almost anywhere where there's snow.
Mind the small growing trees as you go and don't walk in the middle of cross-country ski-tracks.
Where: Rent the snow shoes from HimosSafarit headquarters in Himos Center reception.
Price: Adults 10 € / 2 hours or 20 € / day. Children 10 € / day. Take a set of nordic walking poles with you.
When: When the ground is white

The best surroundings for snow-shoe walking is up on North-Himos slopes. There's a nice illuminated 4 km ski-track on top.
It's possible to walk beside the track to the ”laavu” (lean-to shelter), make a campfire to the hearth and grill some sausages by the fire. Yummy! Buy a bag of wood from the reception 6 € and put few logs into everyone's back bags to make a fire by the shelter. Or buy a thermos from Jämsä supermarket and make some hot chocolate to go.
It's possible to go up to the North-Himos by car and walk to the track beside Vuorikahvio. If you want to do it rough, it's possible to walk the whole way up too (3,5 km to Vuorikahvio from Himos Center). Fantastic views and pinewood forests surround you in this area.

Snowshoe trekking
Snowshoe trekking