Enjoy the outdoors

Versatile terrains and wonderful landscapes of Himos offer you many marked trails for hiking. The trails are 3–12 kilometers long, they are excellent for 2-3 hour long daytrips and the trails are easily combined to suit various fitness level.


Himoshuippu trail 6 km (3,73 mi)
Huipun eräpolku 4 km (2,49 mi)
Paljakka 4,4 km (2,73 mi)
Sammalsuo trail 3,3 km (2,05 mi) 
Kivilaavu trail (partly unmarked) 12 km (7,46 mi)

Visit the Himos Center reception to ask for maps for independent hiking in the Himos area.

We organize guided nature and hiking trips with our local partners.

A Path running event Himos Trail takes place in Himos in August and Winter Trail in February.
Check-out their Instagram for a sneak peek


Enjoy the variable landscape of Himos on a bicycle. Have a breather on the top of Himos hilltops letting the view expand deep in to the horizon or have an adventure cycling the small sandy roads that curl everywhere on the Cape Jämsä.

Bring your own mountain bike or rent a standard bicycle from the reception.

Bicycling maps:

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There are several beautiful outdoor spots to visit in Jämsä. The closest National Park Isojärvi is just a good half an hour drive away.

Fancy sleeping in the wilderness? Our co-operator Mr. Winter organizes overnight Hammocking Excursions. Hammocking »

Ask for more information about all the other nature sights in Jämsä area!

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Forest bath

Forest bath is a true Finnish nature experience. In the forest bath you move forward on foot accompanied by a guide, honoring the nature, listening, smelling and tasting. After the trip to the forest the program continues to a Finnish home to have an authentic sauna experience with a local family at their home or summer cottage.
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