Himos is located close to many excellent fishing spots in Central Finland, the true lakeland area. There are lakes, ponds and flowing waters for each fisherman's taste. The quality of water is generally good or excellent, which also guarantees that all the fish is clean, healthy and edible.


For fishing in the region of Jämsä and the majestic Lake Päijänne we recommend the fishing guides of Lucky Fish. Lucky Fish company has 4 boats, 1 jet ski and a 1 6-seat passenger car for transportation.  The company concentrates on fishing troughout the year and offers wet and rapid activities at the summertime.
The staff consists only of experienced and trained fishing guides. The Fishing guides have first aid training, hygiene pass for  handling and cooking fishes, qualification to drive a rental boat and they have been trained to drive a boat safely. Read more from Lucky Fish’s web-site >>


• Fishing rod with reel, jig methods and fishing with using rod and line
• min. 3 hours, max. 5 persons (4 persons can fish at same time)
• go ashore option
• includes: picnic lunch in over four hour trips, cool box
- Pike, zander and perch

Price 140€ / hour


Fishing Program: Departure Himos Center, or from the yard to fetch the cottage.
Duration 3-5 h.
Min. 2 persons Including: Fishing licenses, tools, equipment, fishing guide, tours.
Price: 90 € / person

Campfire dining includes fish, potatoes, vegetables, bread and drinks.
Price: 17 € / person


• min. 3 hours, max. 4 adults or 3 adults and 2 children
• go ashore option
• includes: picnic lunch in over four hour trips, trolling equipments, cool box
• Pike, zander, perch

Price 140€ / hour


You don't need any licence for fishing with rod and line or ice fishing. For lure fishing you need to pay Fisheries management fee.

Read more about required fishing licences and buy them online »

Lucky Fish


Kuusaankoski is the most swift rapid in Central Finland because it's is high and it is steep. Distance to Kuusaankoski from Himos is 80 km. Kuusaankoski is famous for it trout population. An experienced fisherman can go fishing independently, but the useful knowledge of our guided fishing packages is par excellence for beginners as well as the trained fishermen. On the guided rapidfishing trip you get to fish under the guidance of the elite of Finnish fishing guides.  The newest fishing equipment on the market and the guide takes you to the best fishing spots. You can try your skills with lures, fly-fishing or even poppers! Possibility to catch trout, grayling and freshwater salmon.

Independent fishing (around the year) preservation: 11.9.-15.11. Single permits                      
Morning permit 06.00 - 18.00  / Evening permit 18.00 -06.00 30 € / person / 12 hours Whole day from 06.00 or from 18.00 from. 50 € / person / 24 hours
Daily fisherman quota: max 12 permits / day

Single permit for entire rapid-area
Permit-times: from 06.00 to 18.00 250 €/12 h, from 18.00 to 06.00 450 € / 24 h

Guided rapidfishing (around the year)
1 - 3 persons from. 287 € / group                     
4 - 7 persons from. 419 € / group                   
8 - 12 persons from. 541 € / group

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