Put on a driving suit, shoes, gloves and a helmet - start the engine - the adventure in the exciting landscape of Himos begins. There's forest, fields, open ice of the lake and enjoyable sights. On the way we stop at the camp fire and re-energize with a packed snack. Momentarily we stop to help a fellow driver from a deep snow or just have break and see what's opening up around us. Book a sauna and top off the day sitting in the sauna' with the heat surrounding you.

Snowmobile excursions: introductory-, half day-, whole day-, and night safari plus longer safaris which can include overnights. Please ask, we organize!



A mini-safari in the Himosvuori area. This safari introduces you to basics of driving a snowmobile.
circa 1,5 h.
89 € / person, 69 € per person / two persons per snowmobile, sport-snowmobile +20€/person


The route meanders through the diverse terrain of Himos. A packed lunch is eaten midway through the safari by the campfire or at Kota fireplace (Lappish hut).
Duration circa 2,5 h
Price 118 € / person, €94 per person / two persons per snowmobile, sport-snowmobile +20€/person

Half-day safari

A safari on more demanding terrain. Midway of the safari we stop for lunch.
Duration circa 3,5 h.
Price 158 € / person, 118 € per person / two persons per snowmobile, sport-snowmobile +20€/person

Night safari

A fascinating expedition into the dark forest. We stop for a packed snack on the way. The snowmobiles are equipped with headlamps.
Duration circa 2,5 h.
Price 129 € / person, 99 € per person / two persons per snowmobile, sport-snowmobile +20€/person

Fishing safari

We try fishing nets on the frozen Päijänne lake. With luck, we also get to sample some sander. The number of safaris is limited, so book early.
2 - 3 h
  124 € / person, 98 € per person / two persons per snowmobile, sport-snowmobile +20€/person

Snowmobile school for adults

Instruction in the basics of driving a snowmobile, guidance, and skill driving. After an ‘examination’, you receive a Himos snowmobile driving licence. Snowmobile rental for two extra hours of independent driving included. The package includes instruction, a certificate, a map of routes, and snowmobile rental for two hours after the training
Duration c. 3 hours
Price 85 € / person
Additional charge for fuel + oil 2 hours/ 40 €
Snowmobile driving school without the individual driving:
Instruction duration c. 1 hour, price 28 € / person


  • Safariprices include the fuel for the vehicle and driving equipment (overall, shoes, helmet, hoodie and gloves) packed snack on longer safaris, guide services and insurance (deductible / own risk 1200 €).

  • The reservation is valid immediately. If the reservation is cancelled more than 7 days before departure, cancellation fee is 95 €. Amount of participants must be confirmed and paid 7 days before the departure. 

  • Minimum charge is for 4 people. Safari can be organized for lesser amount but the charge is for 4. Prices include VAT10%.

  • The driver must have at least an F-class driver's licence.

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances is strictly prohibited. We follow 0-toleranze policy.

  • Guides have the right to deny participating on the safari in any way if they see endangering behaviour.

  • All rights for price or content changes reserved.


    Inquiries and reservations 
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Snowmobile safaris in Himos
Snowmobile safaris in Himos
Snowmobile safaris in Himos
Snowmobile safaris in Himos