Themed campschools according to your choice of subject. We have ready made suggested campschool programs for 3 to 9 overnights. The campschools can be arranged with or without a school visit. In the programs we use phenomenal learning methods, which is said to be one reason for amazing success in PISA-studies for Finland. The children are learning by doing and assessing things by themselves at the same time getting valuable experience of working together as a team member. 

The accommodation is arranged in high standard cottages or villas in the resort surrounding Himos mountain. The campschools include a lot of being outdoors in the fresh air in a safe environment. 

The camp programs are constructed to create memorable events while educating at the same time. The programs are aimed for children 10 years old or older. 

When there’s adults the topics and activities are adjusted to meet interest.

The themes can be for example

- Campschool for bio-energy, nature and wilderness skills  
- Culture and art when we study local galleries and also Jyväskylä the Alvar Aalto Capitol and Serlachius-museums in the neighborhood.
- Soft survival campschool with visits to Nationalpark Isojärvi, kayaking, hut building, cooking outdoors and lessons in green care and environment. 
- A variety of sports can be a theme for campschool naturally


DAY 1 16:00      Arrival to Himos  

               Check-in to accommodation

        18:00      Dinner  

DAY 2 8:00        Breakfast

        9:00        Lessons at Gradia Jämsä campus

               Bioenergy, Concept, benefits threats, renewable energy and nature resources

       12:00        Lunch 

       13:00        Lessons 

                Ecosystem, carbon sinks, impact of individuals and governments

       18:00        Dinner

 DAY 3 8:00         Breakfast 

        9:00  Lessons at Gradia Jämsä campus and greenhouses

                Recycling, composting, greenhouses, produce

       12:00        Lunch 

       13:00        Lessons 

                Multiple use of forest, valuable forests, forestrty VR-simulators

       18:00        Dinner 

 DAY 4 8:00        Breakfast

        9:00   Finnish sauna culture

       12:00 Lunch 

       13:00 Excursion to spring based lake Yläinen Liesjärvi, wilderness skills

       16:00 Possibility to bathe in sauna

       18:00 Dinner 

DAY 5 8:00         Breakfast

        9:00         Visit to National Park Isojärvi

       12:00 Lunch by campfire

       13:00 Everyman’s rights, identification 

       18:00 Dinner 

DAY 6 8:00  Breakfast

        9:00  Felt-souvenir workshop

                Walking tour in center of Jämsä

       12:00 Lunch

       14:00 Moose Manor

                    Visit to small zoopark to meet forest animals

      18:00 Dinner 

DAY 7 8:00  Breakfast

       12:00 Check-out 


DAY 2 – 3 Lessons at Gradia Jämsä campus

In the theory lessons we get to know the concept of bioenergy, its benefits and threats. The topics will also include introduction to the renewable energy and natural resources. We will learn how carbon sinks are an invaluable asset for removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and get a solid understanding of how the ecosystem works and how we can help to reduce the risks as one individual and by which kind of choices can a nation or government impact sustainable development. 

 In the practical training we will do recycling tasks, work at the green house environment and get to know the and use natural products. 

Section of the studies is dedicated for forests and to their environmental global meaning. We will get to see in practice what is multiple use of forest and rehearse tasks in forest environment as well as by VR-simulators.

DAY 4 Sauna culture and wilderness skills 

Sauna culture - See and sense how the traditional Finnish smoke sauna is heated up.  The smoke sauna is a traditional bathing place for the Finnish. The first known smoke saunas go back centuries. The massive sauna stove of Himos smoke sauna contains 1600 kg of stone and provides long enduring heat for bathers after it’s been heated for whole day.

Excursion to Lake Yläinen Liesjärvi. The lake is spring-based and very clear watered. We will take the water from the lake and brew ourselves tea from the Finnish herbs by the campfire. In the forest environment we will also learn basic wilderness skills, how to put up campfire safely, how to use compass and how the existing trees and small landmarks can help us navigate our way. 

In the evening we will have a possibility to bathe in the hot smoke sauna. The sauna master will show us how to use “vihta” – a sauna whisk. Vihta – the whisk is made of birch twigs and used to massage a bather's skin and generate heat. Possibility to swim in the lake during the sauna evening.

DAY 5 Visit to National Park Isojärvi 

Excursion to the National Park is guided by wilderness guides. The national park landscape tells a million years old tales with ravine valleys, lakes and rugged forest banks. We will walk with all senses open, seeing, tasting, touching and listening – the setting changes as does the weather. Maybe we will stumble upon a beaver’s stack on the way. Get to learn what are Finnish everyman’s rights in practice and how you can honor them. 

DAY 6 Making a felt souvenir workshop and meeting the Moose

Felting is a method in which felt-fabric is made of wool fibres. Jämsä is famous of its felt industry and traditional and stylish felt product. For a century now, felt has been produced in this town. In the past in a small remote village alone there used to be 7 felt factories and still today 3 factories remain. According to the studies, working with your hands activates your brains, revives your memory and enhances learning. In the felt workshop felt artist Tiina Mäki leads us into the interesting world of felting and teaches us to make our own souvenir. After workshop a walking tour to the center of Jämsä.

In the backwoods behind the Himos mountains lies Moose Manor, the most peculiar small zoo park and restaurant. In these woods the moose have wandered free for thousands of years. 

Now you have a chance to meet this majestic animal from eye to eye within arm’s reach – have you ever kissed a moose? You will also meet adorable reindeers and fallow deer at the manor. 

DAY 7  Packing and check-out 

Group size 10 – 20 people

Age group From teenagers to adults, the program can be modified for younger children also.