Himos Park is a pourpose built playground for event organizers. The event area can be fitted to event’s expected size. 

The venue has already hosted various happenings ranging from rock festivals to yoga-festival, car exhibitions, dog shows and many more, some of them even simultaneously. In Himos Park you can organize a small scale event or a mass gathering for a company or association. 

Riemu, The Terrace Bar

Terrace Bar Riemu is a showy complex in the middle of event area Himos Park. It offers plenty of possibilities for many kind of groups. Bright colours in the marquees and furniture create a joyful ambiance which is accompanied by LED-lighting that can be set to different colour themes or rhythms. All 3 floors combined, around 2200 customer places.

Teltta, The Tent

The Event Tent is the largest festivaltent in Nordic countries with its capacity for 7000 people without seating. The tent is set up from May to October and can cater for meetings for 3000 people, dinners for 1300 people, mini exhibitions and different kind of spectacles.

Himos Areena night club, meeting center The School, Himos Hotel with its restaurants and group saunas all are included in the Himos Park Event Venue. 

HimosHoliday is a professional event organizer and we can help you design and produce Your event fluently. We also rent stages, tents, movable toilets and other event equipment where you might need it.

Contact us and tell us what kind of event you want to organize, let's make it a success together!  

Tel. +358 20 711 9230

Terrance Riemu
Terrance Riemu
Himos Areena