Organize an event in Himos Park

Himos Park is an event field built to host almost an endless variety of outdoor events. 

Himos Parkin area has three fields: asphalt coated Rantakenttä and Festivaalikenttä, sizes circa 2500 m2 ja 10 000 m2,  smaller, about 375-m2 Etukenttä. In the immediate surrounding the meeting center the School, Himos Areena for 1150 people, Himos Theater with a deck for 1000 people and different restaurants. There are over 100 water closets in the area.

For Midsummer Festival 2014 we see the opening of Terassi Riemu -event restaurant with over 2500 seats, imagination is the limit when planning an event in the Himos Park. 

Himos Park 

In Himos Park you can organize a small scale event or a mass gathering for a company or association. The area with it's services offers you a working environment for summer gatherings, exhibitions, dog shows, incentive or meeting days. HimosHoliday is a professional event organizer and we can help you design and produce Your event fluently. We also rent stages, tents, movable toilets and other event equipment where you might need it. 

Contact us and tell us what kind of event you want to organize, let's make it a success together! 

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Terrance Riemu
Terrance Riemu
Himos Park tapahtuma-alue
Himos Areena