Avoid the formality and book one of HimosHoliday's private saunas to have a small meeting or a social evening. 

Sauna is an important part of Finnish state of mind. Already 2000 years ago, the sauna has been a part of Finnish culture. The sauna as building is much more than just a place for bath. Over centuries it was used for nursing the sick, curing meat, washing clothes and fermenting malt. In the autumn local women gathered in a sauna to spin linen from flax - in company, the tedious work seemed much lighter. 

The forefather of saunas is the smoke sauna, a traditional form of sauna without a chimney. In the massive stove of the Himos smoke sauna we have over 1600 kg of stone to provide a long soothing bath for hours. Heating the sauna with wood is slow and has its own rituals. Come and see, hear and smell how the sauna is awaken. After the sauna is heated you can have a bath in it, in the winter the bravest can even have a dip in the ice-hole or roll in the snow! 


The sitting room at the Lakeside sauna can be used for meetings up to 12 - 20 people. Dinners ordered to Lakeside sauna are set up on the side tables. Wardrobe is divided with a door from the sitting room. Sauna benches have room for 10 - 12 people at a time. While cooling down during the sauna, you can walk directly to the embrace of Lake Patalahti. From the pier during the summer and through the hole in the ice in the winter. 

The barbeque shelter next to Lakeside Sauna will add more sitting space for larger groups in the summer.

Lakeside sauna experience 320 € / group

Price includes 3 hour sauna rent, use of outdoor jacuzzi and towels.


Smoke sauna is a world of it's own. On the same yard is the Smoke sauna, a barbeque shelter and a large terrace with an outdoor jacuzzi. The stairs lead you down to the Lake Patalahti.  The benches at the sauna give space for up to 17 - 20 people simultaneously. Rent the outdoor jacuzzi and relax in the arms of the bubbles while the moon and the stars come out to the sky. 

In conjunction of the sauna a sitting room for 14, shower and a small dressing room with door. 

Smoke sauna experience 470 € / group 

Price includes 3 hour sauna rent, use of outdoor jacuzzi and towels.

You can order a casual meal to the sauna sitting room and enjoy the night by the fireplace. Order an invigorating snack or dinner from the saunamenu.

We especially recommend the sausage menu (Lamb, beer and grilling sausages, capers and potato salad, bavarian salad) or Caesar salad.


Central Finland is the Sauna Region of the country. There are three sauna manufacturers in Jämsä alone and the quaint sauna type – Barrel Sauna was invented in Jämsä.

Every cottage in Himos has their own indoor sauna, so it means that in the peak seasons there are hundreds of saunas warming up at the same time.

Since 2017 a historic Sauna Village has been building up at Juokslahti village, just 10 km from Himos. In the village old wooden traditional saunas are being restored by volunteers to their previous condition.

Stop the clock for a moment and come relax with the HimosHoliday sauna services!

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