Skandinavian Buffet ....................... 42 €    

Shrimp aioli M,G

Smoked roach fish mousse L,G
Gravlax, maître d'hôtel sauce M,G
Herb-game pâté and pickled vegetables L
Smoked salmon salad M,G
Green salad M,G
Marinated red onions M,G

Venison Wallenberg hamburger steaks, dark game sauce L
Roasted Arctic char, fish roe sauce L,G
Rosemary potatoes and roasted root vegetables M,G

Sea buckthorn soup with vanilla and quark pudding L,G

A selection of house bread and butter

New Picante World ....................... 44 €

Cream cheese filled peperoncinis

Chilli marinated shrimps M,G
Gravlax and guacamole L,G
Duck and noodle salad, sesame vinaigrette M
Asian bean salad M,G
Green salad M,G
A selection of olives M,G
Citrus marinated red onion M,G

Chimichurri glazed pork loin with Devil's jam M,G
Green fish curry M,G
Basmati rice M,G
Sweet potato and potato bake M,G

Lime and mint marinated pineapple with crème Anglaise VL,G

Mediterranean Buffet .......................... 46 €

Mozzarella cheese, roasted beet and balsamic vinegar VL,G
Stuffed vine leaves with tzatziki G
Marinated olives M,G
Salmon pastrami, lemon yoghurt  L,G
Potato tortilla with Serrano ham G
Grilled Mediterranean vegetables M,G
Greek country salad M,G

Lamb roast with thyme sauce M,G
Pesto gratinéed salmon with fennel and butter sauce M,G

Pesto risotto and  ratatouille vegetables L,G

Yoghurt panna cotta and boysenberry compote L,G

Country ciabatta, cream cheese spread and tapenade


Scandinavia Buffet ....................... 59 €

Shrimp aioli M,G
A selection of pickled herring M,G
Smoked roach fish mousse L,G
Gravlax, maître d'hôtel sauce M,G
Wild boar pâté, glazier's marinated vegetables L
Smoked salmon salad M,G
Wild mushroom salad L,G
Green salad M,G
Blue cheese and roasted beet L,G
Marinated red onion M,G

Venison-porcini ragout L,G
Roasted Arctic char, pumpkin seed sauce L,G

Parsley potatoes and roasted root vegetables L,G

Rustic bread, traditional Island-baked bread, butter and cream cheese spread

Sea buckthorn parfait VL.G
Chocolate mousse L,G
Apple pie with crème Anglaise VL

The menus above have to be ordered in advance and are for groups. The same menu is ordered for the whole group. When notified in advance, dietary restrictions can be taken into account.