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À la carte

Winter 2017-2018



Green salad M, G, Vegan
Green salad mix, cucumber, marinated tomatoes

5,20 €

Selection of Finnish fish
- Crayfish aioli L, G with Finnish archipelago bread L
- "Järki-Särki" roach in organic tomatoes and herb sauce M, G
- Aura-bluecheese filled smoked salmon roll L, G
- Pickled vegetables M, G

12,50 €

Whitefish roe blinis L, G
Blini with whitefish roe, sliced red onion ans sour cream

9,80 €

Forest mushroom L, G
Creamy forest mushroom soup from locally picked mushrooms
(Possible to prepare as vegan)

9,50 €

Crayfish L, G
Creamy crayfish soup

9,50 €

- Stuffed grapevine leaves L, G and tzatziki G
- Bufala mozzarella cheese VL, G and rosemary seasoned beetrot M, G
- Bresaola beef and balsamico M, G
- Grilled olives M, G
- Arugula oil M, G

13,50 €

Ceasar L
Romaine lettuce, caesar dressing (does not include anchovy), croutons and parmesan cheese


As a starter

As a main


8,00 €

9,00 €

With crayfish

11,00 €

14,50 €

With chicken

11,00 €

14,50 €



Pike perch L, G               
Pike perch fillet filled with funnel chanterelle, horseradish sauce, roasted vegetables and mashed potatoes with arugula

22,50 €

Highlander L, G
Organic ”Vanha-Savela” Highlander beef patty 180 g, forest mushroom sauce, roasted vegetables, bellpepper-onion compote and mashed potatoes with arugula

17,50 €

Chicken L, G
Roasted Finnish country chicken fillet, chili-cheddar sauce, röstipotato and bellpepper-onion compote

18,50 €

Duck L, G                       
Duck drumstick confit, dark blackberry sauce, roasted vegetables, bellpepper-onion compote and herb polenta

22,50 €

Pork M, G                   
Slowcooked pork belly glazed with BBQ-sauce, roasted vegetables, Bayern salad, country fries and chilimayonnaise

19,50 €

Steak L, G                      
250 g beef sirloin steak, shallot onion sauce, roasted vegetables, bellpepper-onion compote and röstipotato

32,00 €

Pepper steak L, G                  
150g beef tenderloin, ”Jaloviina” laced pepper sauce, roasted vegetables, bellpepper-onion compote and röstipotato

31,00 €

Vegetable M                  
rootvegetable filo strudel, herb polenta, rosemary seasoned beetroot, herb-oat sour cream and bellpepper-onion compote
(possible to prepare as vegan)

16,50 €


Tupa Burger L
Organic ”Vanha-Savela” Highlander beef patty 180 g, bacon, spelt-oat burger bun, hamburger dressing, cheddar cheese, salad, tomato, pickles, marinated red onion and country fries

17,50 €

Fava bean Burger M, Vegan
BBQ-seasoned fava bean, spelt-oat burger bun, hamburger dressing, herb-oat sour cream, tomato, lemon marinated red onion, pickles and country fries

16,50 €



Sea buckthorn & vanilla M, G, Vegan                      
Sea buckthorn soup and vegan vanilla ice cream

7,50 €

Chocolate & Rasberry VL
Warm mudcake and raspberry sorbet by Art Gelato

9,80 €

Finnish squeaky cheese & cloudberry L, G
Finnish squeaky cheece poached in cinnacom cream, cloudberry compote

8,50 €

Old fashioned vanilla G
Strawberry VL, G
Chocolate VL, G
Art gelato Jägermeister ice cream L, G
Art gelato rasberry sorbet M, G
Vegan vanilla ice cream M

1 SCOOP............2,80 €
2 SCOOPS..........4,80 €
3 SCOOPS..........5,80 €

Strawberry jam
Sauce 1,20€/each


Please ask the service staff about any other allergens if needed.

M - dairy free
L – lactose free
VL – low lactose
G – gluten free