HimosHoliday resort provides interesting activities and fascinating safaris, no matter the season. HimosSafarit specialises in arranging adventures, games, and expeditions for families, groups, and companies - all year round. Trained wilderness guides of HimosSafarit are specialized in leading group activities for different size groups and holiday makers.

Reservations tel. +358 20 711 9230,

ATV safaris and rental

Book a exciting safari or rent an ATV for individual driving easily from HimosSafarit. For driving an ATV, driver must have a standard driving licence, class B in Finland.
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Challenge yourself and your group!

The idea of dipping yourself into 0 degree water might not sound appealing at first, but let us show you how fun it can be! Or how about Alpine curling? One player at a time slides the pin on the ice trying to land it close as possible to the center rock.
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Smoke sauna

Smoke sauna is a world of it's own. On the same yard is the Smoke sauna, a barbeque shelter and a large terrace with an outdoor jacuzzi. The stairs lead you down to the Lake Patalahti.  The benches at the sauna give space for up to 17 - 20 people simultaneously.

Lakeside sauna

Sauna benches have room for 10 - 12 people at a time. While cooling down during the sauna, you can walk directly to the embrace of Lake Patalahti. From the pier during the summer and through the hole in the ice in the winter.