Enjoy a festive Pre-Christmas buffet with your group at the atmospheric restaurant!


Green salad (M, G) 
Bulgur-vegetable salad (M) 
Wild mushroom salad (L, G) 
Crayfish Caesar salad (L) 
Sherry marinated herring (M, G) 
Sea buckthorn marinated Baltic herring (M, G) 
Juniper berry marinated Baltic herring (M, G) 
Smoked salmon (M, G), horseradish sauce (L, G) 
Traditional Finnish Christmas ham (M, G), Christmas mustard (L, G) 
Chicken terrine, Cumberland sauce (L, G) 

House bread, butter and cream cheese spread L

Main courses

Citrus roasted Finnish rainbow trout, Pernod sauce (L, G)
Slow cooked pork fillet, dark whole-grain and sage sauce (M, G)
Tiituspohja Smokehouse Christmas sausage (M, G)
Roasted potatoes (M, G)
Red cabbage braised with wine (M, G)


Creme brulee (L) Boysenberry compote (M, G) 
Gingerbread, sweets

Coffee, tea

L= Lactose-free M= Dairy-free G= Gluten-free VL= Low lactose

48 € per person

Dinner and space reservations tel. +358 20 711 9230,

Ravintola Tupa
Ravintola Liiteri
Pre-Christmas party

Our characteristic by order restaurants

- for different size of groups

Our smaller restaurants by order, the mystic cave, wild Kuikankätkö Kota, Smoke and Lakeside Sauna serve smaller approximately 20 people groups.

On the other hand, the spacious premises of fabulous Himos Areenan allow you to organize a large event. During the weekends the spirit leans toward rock-pop, when the top artists are marched on stage every Friday and Saturday!

Book the space and dinner from HimosHoliday sales office, tel. +358 20 711 9230,